Biking Italy Tour, Day 1: Genoa


The big day

The big day is finally arrived: yesterday at Genoa Biking Italy Tour is started.
I’m really excited, I could not wait to start this wonderful adventure.
So let me start telling you the first gorgeous day of this long trip.
For climatic reasons, I decided to face up these 2400 kilometers across the whole Italy passing through the north side of the Country at the beginning, in order to avoid any possibility of meeting up with cold situations at the end of the travel, because I will run with my bicycle until almost mid October.
To so do, I had to move from my home in the deep North East, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, to the longitudinally opposite side: the Liguria region.

Wake up selfie, known modern pathology

Personal driver

Yesterday morning, after a huge breakfast, I’ve finish to pack luggages, my brand new giant 34 litres backpack and the bicycle, dismounted in a travel bag for the occasion. Meanwhile the personal driver that I’ve hired for the special event has reached my house: for privacy reasons I can’t write his name, but I’ve obtained the rights of publishing the videos took with the 360 degrees cam. Expectable, by the way, my friend is a very important person 🙂
Together we arrived at Casarsa della Delizia train station, where the great Mattia was waiting us. I have to thank him for the wishes and for the motivational coaching 😀

Me, the driver and Mattia in Casarsa station

In train

At 10.55 AM, really on time, my train has departed going to Genoa. An enjoyable trip through the Po Valley, in a great day to travel: not too much sun and neither too much hot outside. On board a nice poutpourri of people, college students in slow recovery, business men and women on work transfer, flushed seniors not too much confidents with train doors, and even a couple of albanian newlyweds living in Milan since 15 years that, going on holiday to Massa Carrara, told me in secret that their dream is moving to Tuscany before they’re getting old. Best wishes to everybody 🙂

An end of August train

Manena Hostel

Small delays in the journey haven’t ruined the entire voyage, all the train links went good and I arrived at Genoa train station almost at 6 PM. I’ve remounted my two wheels companion and I’ve flown in the direction of the first accommodation that hosts me in this travel: the Manena Hostel, very likeable hostel in the city center that have welcomed me and my Biking Italy Tour project with an enthusiastic mood becoming one of my first sponsors. Today I will make a shoot in their premises so tomorrow you can admire it in all its beauty.

Focacceria Da Boris, Genoa

Focacceria Da Boris

After a little shower I went to the first step of the trip, dedicated to food: the pizzeria focacceria Da Boris, recommended to me by Paolo from Foodo, that will work for the whole period with the project. He will give me food tips for the most famous destinations, while writing on his food blog about recipes related to the recommended plates coming from the whole Italian Country. Thanks, Paolo! 😀

Cheese Focaccia 🙂

360° video

In order to complete with some relax the first day, four hours in front of the computer are always a good therapy. I’ve exceeded midnight at the keyboard but I absolutely had to write out this article and moreover the first 360 degrees video of this journey: taste it here below, or on YouTube, paying attention to the moving perspective on the screen, you can see the places as you’ve been there with me 🙂


The soundtrack of the video is made by Cosmic Bloom, band formed by Manuel Baldassare.
The title of the song is Delicate Mind: you can find the entire album Star of the East on Spotify.

For the first day is everything here people, today I go out to discover Genoa, let’s read ourselves tomorrow!

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