BIT, Biking Italy Tour, is going to start


BIT, acronym of Biking Italy Tour, is going to start.

I can’t wait for it, months of preparation are going to concretize.
The bicycle is already at the mechanic store for latest works on, but I will take it tomorrow morning. Thanks a lot to Renzo from EuroBike, Casarsa della Delizia, for the incredible working speed 🙂
I had the opportunity to tell my willing about realizing this idea to a lot of people, I have to say that they give me more positive feedbacks that I could have imagined.
I want thank here my friends and my relatives that have shown me their support and their willing to follow my trip around the Italian peninsula when they’ve received the news.
Thank you very much, it’s very beautiful feeling you with me 🙂
I have obviously received even less enthusiastic opinions, but you can’t please everyone.

In these days a lot of things happened, the project had a good presence in media thanks to the support made by TelePordenone, a local television, and two newspapers, Il Gazzettino and the Messaggero Veneto.

Read the article made by Il Gazzettino


BIT has also received the first official sponsorship from Froggy Line company, located in Spilimbergo (PN), that produces custom cycling clothing.
Thanks to them I will be able to bring around Italy the blog’s logo and the website address, with their brand name printed on the uniform. I’m going to add a photo of the great work done by them soon 🙂

The accommodations that has decided to join the project are raised at 16, so I will write a good number of reviews for the various hostels, bed and breakfasts and hotels that I’ll find on my route.

I’ve done a lot of training in these weeks, and thanks to my new ‘toys’ made by Garmin I’ve realized the first 360 degrees video of this travel blog, that is a preview of what you’ll see daily in my posts, where the video pills will be posted with the daily summary. Here below you can see this preview, directly from my YouTube channel, and the complete itinerary of that training session.


I’m going to finish with a couple of photos to show very quickly what I will pack in my backpack and how you can fill very good a wonderful one 😀



That’s all for today, see you tomorrow, starting from Casarsa della Delizia’s train station at 11 AM circa 🙂

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