Biking Italy Tour, Day 2: Genoa

Yesterday, Friday 1st September, I’ve added the second badge to the journey that will bring me from here till mid October across fourteen italian regions.
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Se vi foste persi la puntata precedente, vi suggerisco di leggerla

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Friday 1st September, 8:00 AM

After a good continental breakfast, I’ve dedicated a couple of hours to blog related activities on my computer: technical adjustments for the website, finishing touch for some copy, final procedures for the upload of the latest Youtube video…
Dopo una robusta colazione continentale, mi sono dedicato ad un paio d’ore di attività al computer correlate al blog: sistemazioni tecniche al sito, rifinitura al contenuto dell’articolo precedente, procedure finali per il caricamento dell’ultimo video su YouTube… ordinary administration.
10 AM arrived very fast, starting time for the principal activity of my day, a walking tour of the city of Genoa organized by Manena Hostel.

Spyros and the people of Genoa walking tour

Genoa walking tour

The experience started well: multiethnic group of 13 people and I was the only italian. Everybody were nice and very smiley, and our guide was a greek guy that was obviously speaking only in english. Wonderful
We really made a beautiful tour of the city, that I’ve tracked down with my gps watch. In its opinion we made more than 10 kilometers in 4 ours, but I think that at a certain moment it went out crazy tracking a sort of teleportation to the pier, in that zone the gps cover wasn’t that good.
However here below you can see the whole itinerary.

Spyros, our guide for the day, is a really charismatic leader. He rapidly involved us in the city atmosphere with excellent savoir-faire, showing remarkable communication skills and great historical knowledge about the territory. With high proficiency he was able to guide us in a long tour discovering the genoan center, enriching the experience with lots of citations coming from the glorious “zeneise” past alternated with funny things about modern customs and traditions. A big thanks to him and who with him gives soul and body in order to promote their own city.

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, Genoa

Following here a summary of the places included in the walk:

Walking tour in the streets of the historical center

The video of the day is totally dedicated to this long city excursion in the streets of the historical center, you can spot a lot of places from the previous list and is visible here below, in 360 degrees mode.

Maybe Heaven is similar to the vision of this artist


The soundtrack for the day is an occasion to greet and thank the Società Cooperativa di Multiservizi per lo Spettacolo Esibirsi, media partner of Biking Italy Tour. From the roster of this company comes the genoan artist Chiara Ragnini, whom has gently gived us the rights to use the song “In ogni angolo del mondo” for the second step of the journey.
The whole album “La Differenza” is available on Spotify.

The Manena Hostel in the historical center of Genoa

As promised yesterday, in this post I’m going to describe in a more detailed way the accommodation that welcomed me in these two days in the Ligurian capital.
The Manena Hostel is the first hostel born in the historical center of Genoa, made in 2012 by Giulio and Manuel. The building is really nice, with a typical high vertical development.

The entrance of Manena Hostel, Genoa

The staff is nice and cozy, the service is excellent, with three rooms for 5, 8 and 12 people and the toilets are several, big and always clean.

One Manena Hostel’s room

Prices are really convenient and moreover, as written before, the hostel is an organizer and promoter of the city walking tour already described in the last video. Another plus is a local cuisine experience: if interested you can book a small course that teaches you how to prepare the famous Pesto alla Genovese.

The kitchen of Manena Hostel

The visiti s highly recommended by me, for the reasons described before.

Manena Hostel’s living room

I’ve made with the boss Manuel a 360 degrees video in order to show you why and how this hostel is really beautiful.

Everything for today people, now I’m going to ride my bike to Alessandria (TO), for the very first biking step of this journey, with a light but unlikeable drizzle.
This is my itinerary for today:

Let’s read ourselves tomorrow!

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