Biking Italy Tour, Day 3: Alessandria

After two days discovering Genoa, perched regional capital of wonderful Liguria, yesterday finally was the right moment to move my legs.
The target for the day is to pass the Appennino Ligure near the Bocchetta Pass, to reach without hurry the Po Valley and the city of Alessandria. Circa 80 kilometers with discrete altitude difference.

I like so much the ugly morning selfie

First step by bicycle

The day started with blog related activities, that are becoming an enjoyable habit. After a light but energetic breakfast, a bit of social media.
La giornata inizia con le attività di blogging, che stanno diventando una piacevole abitudine. Dopo colazione, leggera ma energetica, un po’ di social media. Managing Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, contents and activities to manage are not few 🙂
After thanked and greeted the Manena Hostel, at about 11:30 AM I was able to be on the street with my bicycle. The backpack, with its 12 kilograms weight, wasn’t properly light, but the enthusiasm of the first travelling day made me feel it lighter.
To introduce properly the biking subject, I need to show you the vehicle that will accompany myself in the 2400 kilometers of the Biking Italy Tour. It’s a 2016 Specialized Tarmac with Axis wheels and brakes, Shimano 105 gear and 25 millimeters tires.

My Specialized Tarmac

Bocchetta Pass

Reached the Polcevera creek, honestly without any water, I turned right in direction of SP 35 – SP 5. The street that brings to the villages named Campomorone, Langasco and Pietralavezzara is historical: it follows the ancient roman itinerary of Via Postumia. In some sections the sights of Appennini are really suggestive.

The Ligurian Appennino

Passed with satisfaction and fatigue the quoted Bocchetta Pass at 772 meters above the sea level, the Piedmont region is reached with fast and panoramic downhills. These streets for biking lovers are famous for being the hometown itineraries of the great Fausto Coppi, big champion in the last century.
In this moment I’ve met Sergio, nice biker living in these zones that had the gentleness of offer me a coffee and ride with me for some kilometers. Thank you Sergio!

Me, Sergio and a bikers lover dog-sized horse

The arrival in Alessandria zone

Going straight the route continues to lose altitude, crossing the villages of Gavi and Novi Ligure. At a certain point, following the directions of an anonymous road signal, I got in a very tight street that was supposed to go to Alessandria, discovering that the last segment wasn’t asphalted. Not bad at all, in this way I’ve tested the strongness of my brand new Michelin tires mounted on my bicycle. Here below the gps track of the itinerary Genoa – Alessandria.

B&B Arcobaleno, Alessandria

B&B Arcobaleno, Alessandria

The arrival in Alessandria at Bed & Breakfast Arcobaleno have pleasently surprised me for the beauty and the hospitality of its places located in a palace made in 1800. Big thanks to the staff really enthusiastic to join the project.

Sight from the patio of B&B Arcobaleno

The locals, numerous, spacious, new and coloured, are arranged in an internal yard that accommoodate even the breakfast room.

The “Verde” room of B&B Arcobaleno

If you are in transit in the beautiful Alessandria I suggest to stay in this wonderful example of italian hospitality.

Not to miss in Alessandria

When in the city is a visit to the Cittadella is a must. It’s a permanent fortress build up in the eighteenth century that’s a national monument, historical site extremely fascinated.

Cittadella of Alessandria

I even suggest a visit to the city center: Corso Roma is a street really coloured and full of life.

Corso Roma, Alessandria

Video and Music

The 360 degrees video of this day is mainly dedicated to the road trip made with the bicycle, with spare views from the destination city. The soundtrack of the video is gently provided by The Wonderland, young band from Piedmont, and the title of the track is “The Promised Land”.

Now it’s time to shutdown the computer, I’m departing to Turin with this itinerary:

Let’s read up tomorrow!

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