Biking Italy Tour, Day 4: Turin

Yesterday was really a great day!
I woke up in Alessandria with an enjoyable climate, a wonderful sun with a slight wind that waved out all the clouds in the sky, and a thrilling clear sky. Maybe this is why my ugly morning selfie is a bit less ugly

The ugly morning selfie

I stayed in the bed and breakfast Arcobaleno places until 1 PM, in order to do the customary blog related activities.

Best friend of every blogger

Second bicycle step: Alessandria – Torino

So I’ve left Alessandria to reach Turin with the map in my pocket. The choosen itinerary meets in the first stage the village named Quargnento, with its beautiful square. Following the entire gps data for the itinerary from Garmin website.

Here started a route articulated in the hills of Montferrat , World Heritage Site named by Unesco, and it’s really unique.
Thanks even to the perfect climate condition of the day to enjoy a bicycle ride, I was enlightened from the beauty of hills sights in these zones, that creates a series of ups and downs embedded in dreamy landscapes fantastic for riding and shooting.

Countryside near Montemagno

The zone that I liked more than others wa surely the one between villages of Fubine – Altavilla – Montemagno – Grana. I’ve shooted a lot of photographies of the surrounding hills, but I don’t put all of them in the blog because there are too much.

Countryside in Monferrato

Going straight the street is becoming flat for a small period, to change again with altitude later, never too much honestly. Very nice the land between Cunico, Piea and Boscorotondo.
Passing through the city of Chieri, I was approaching the final stage of the daily itinerary, that had the hardest altitude difference in the day: the hill of Pino Torinese: its 500 meters above the sea level.
In proximity of this hill I’ve took a wrong way, even for few hundred meters. The web service I use for drawing itineraries doesn’t know that the Pino’s tunnel is forbidden for bicycles. Not bad at all however, for this reason I had the opportunity to cross the hill’s peak and to enter the city of Turin from the panoramic Corso Chieri.

Turin view from Corso Chieri

Turin and the Attic Hostel

Entering Turin from this zone is magnificent, first of all you’ll find the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I and then the Ponte Umberto I, both massive looking creating a junction between the two shores of Po river, the biggest Italian river that is flowing through the city.
Near the Porta Nuova train station, I’ve reached in few meters the accommodation place that will host me in these two days in Turin: it’s the Attic Hostel, high class hostel situated in Piazza Pietro Paleocapa. I’ve been immediately welcomed with a regal treatment by the owners Carlo and Silvana, whom are really enthusiastic to join the Biking Italy Tour and wanted to shoot a photo together.

Riccardo and Carlo, Attic Hostel. Turin

In tomorrow’s post I will describe with more details this wonderful place.
After a regenerating shower and a pleasant chat with the owners, I get out to reach the city center in order to have a dinner in the restaurant suggested to me by Paolo of Foodo, the food blog that follows my trip to write about Italian regional cuisine and create in their kitchen the dishes that I taste around the Country.
Arrived in front of the restaurant I’ve discovered with big disappointment that it was closed for holidays until 5th September.
I had to taste the agnolotti, typical fresh pasta dish of these zones, so I moved to a district full of cafes. Unfortunately I hadn’t the opportunity to taste that plate, but I ate some great “tajarins” at “da Cianci”, famous local tavern.

Tajarins @ Tavern da Cianci

Video and music

In the spherical video of this Sunday the shootings are principally dedicated to the bicycle itinerary, and the soundtrack is gently provided by Li Bassi, singer and writer from Turin that with the track “La sindrome del salmone” gives us a funny and groovy melody for the forth 360 degrees video of BIT.

The track, coming from the album “Il lato giusto”, is on Spotify.

Latest picture of the day was taken in the Attic Hostel’s lift: the combination with my face, the tshirt and the surroundings gived a psychedelic atmosphere made to be shared with the entire World 🙂

Moments of vanity at Attic Hostel

For today it’s over, let’s read out tomorrow!

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