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BIT • Biking Italy Tour – September / October 2017


  1. Who I am

  2. What is BIT

  3. BIT’s places

  4. Why BIT

  5. Editorial line

  6. Aims

  7. Strategies

  8. Supporting BIT

biking italy-BIT-Who I am

Who I am

My name is Riccardo Mazzolo, I’m 28 years old, I work in the IT industry and I’m living in a small italian village called Fiume Veneto.

I’ve worked for almost 10 years in the IT and since I was paid for that I never stop travelling.

With this project I decided to spend my time in what I love most, mixing IT technical skills with tourism passion.

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biking italy-BIT-What is BIT-Cos'è BIT

What is BIT

Biking Italy Tour is a 40 days trip across the whole Italian country riding a bicycle, travelling for 2400 kilometers through 14 regions.

The project belongs to a digital editorial plan dedicated to the tourism sector (i.e. “Travel Blog”) willing to promote online, in english, the Italian territory and its beauties.

The blog is named “Solo Around” and it’s reachable at the address

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biking italy-BIT-BIT's places-I luoghi di BIT

BIT’s places

40 days, 31 stages, 14 regions, 2400 km on the road

Tirano (SO)
Mezzocorona (TN)
Moena (TN)
Cortina (BL)
Farra d’Alpago (BL)
Abano Terme (PD)
S.Benedetto D.T. (AP)
Vieste (FG)
Reggio Calabria
Capo d’Orlando (ME)
Cefalù (PA)
Terracina (LT)
Bagni San Filippo (SI)

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biking italy-BIT-Why BIT-Perchè BIT


Life is a long journey. I always dreamed about being a professional traveller with an audience to whom tell my stories and experiences.
Internet offers to everybody this chance, breaking down boundaries and distances.
Furthermore I’m convinced that the tourism sector will be a strength for the Italian economy in the next years, only if the right conditions to make it grow will be ready.
For these reasons I want to reach as much World citizens as possible and convince them to visit Italy.

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biking italy-BIT-Editorial line-Linea editoriale

Editorial line

During the 40 days journey I’ll publish daily on the blog an article describing, even with photographies and videos, the places crossed in the trip and the major points of interest for the destination, taking care about describing also the details of the accommodation that will host me for the night.
Contents will also be promoted and transmitted by the main Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).
The soundtrack of video contents will be made up from tracks produced by emerging artists coming from the visited cities, in partnership with Esibirsi.
La colonna sonora dei contenuti video sarà costituita da brani prodotti da artisti emergenti provenienti dalle città visitate.

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biking italy-BIT-Aims-Obiettivi


The blog’s goal is to build up an audience of 50’000 monthly viewers in within two years.
BIT will be the first project in the editorial line.
The purpose is being visible over the net for users interested about touristic informations concerning the cities on the route.

However above all the wish is to give emotions to the readers and make them feel like they are in a certain way inside the journey, like a real trip companion, along the routes of the “Bel paese”.

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biking italy-BIT-Strategies-Strategie


The blog will be the pulsating heart of the tour and the main container for the contents.
Satellites social networks pages will be used for publishing one content a day in order to promote the blog’s visits.
Main local newspapers and televisions will be informed few days before project’s landing in the territory.
Furthermore specific direct marketing techniques will be used to advertise online the entire operation.

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biking italy-BIT-Supporting BIT-Supportare BIT

Supporting BIT

Supporting Biking Italy Tour is a mid term operation: the editorial project is in its first stage and it’s not possible to give any concrete number usable to make cogitated observations.

However, the segment is flourishing: travel bloggers are a new form of influencers that have the peculiarity, via quality contents and branding capabilities, of addressing already interested users’ choices in a competent and conscious manner.

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