SoloAround and Esibirsi are looking for songs

SoloAround-Esibirsi-40-brani and Esibirsi are actively collaborating for the production of BIT.

The Biking Italy Tour will create, for every tour date, a little videoclip with the summary of daily activities.

Music will be the junction between bicycle routes, point of interests of the destination, landscapes, sleeping places and places where eat.

Here take place the versatility of Cooperativa Esibirsi.


Esibirsi is a cooperative society with headquarters at Morsano al Tagliamento, in Friuli Venezia Giulia; they has more than 2500 members in whole Italy, and they are all artists!
This is a society that keeps together a lot of musicians, deejays, illusionists and presenters, giving so many services. Most of all, the important one is the administrative and bureaucratic management for the artist, optimizing costs for the members who can devote themselves to the artistic part by having at their disposal a professional, complete and punctual service.

With this big musical producer basin we decided, with Vice President Giuliano Biasin, to contact a big portion of members asking them to give us a song.

In this way the soundtrack of BIT will be realized, trying to associate territorially music productions with the territories crossed by the bicycle’s itinerary.

So this is a geolocalized territorial and musical promotion experiment and we hope that can be appreciate by the readers.

We also take advantage from this place in order to extend the invite to everyone that produces own songs: if you are on the BIT’s itinerary and you’ll like to join this digital editorial operation, contact me with the Contact form.

Have good music and see you soon 🙂

Interview at Radio Studio Nord

Interview at Radio Studio Nord

Hello to everybody around there! 🙂
Here is my second official trace in the World Wide Web and I’m quite excited about that.
I am still working to prepare my first documented trip, the Biking Italy Tour.
I need so much training in order to complete the trip without any big difficulty, but honestly it’s very fun.
The most beautiful thing of physical training is that you can choose to diversify your daily work with different activities. Now I’m doing on road cycling, off road cycling, running, swimming, stand up paddling, hiking and even soccer.

This last activity was the opportunity in these days to visit the beautiful Tolmezzo, for the charity event “Tolmezzo for life”.
It’s a soccer tournament with four teams, selecting Donors (mainly of blood and marrow), Policemen, Public administrators and Deejays. The purpose is collecting money for an association that helps children with diseases, called “Amici di Gianluca”.
This event is managed and boosted by my old time friend Cristian Comelli and its own radio show RadioAttiva on Radio Studio Nord station.

My first interview

I took the opportunity to visit my mate in his studio and he decided to interview me as a guest, asking me about this blog and the actual main project BIT.

We talked a lot about SoloAround and I had the opportunity to tell a lot of things about me; I even made a video with the full interview.

You can watch it right here (Italian language):


It was a very nice situation, and I thank so much Cris for this fantastic opportunity.

Here is the article (in Italian) made by Studio Nord news:

Now it’s 22 days to go for the Biking Italy Tour and I’m really on fire, I want to have everything in its right place for the start and I have some things to do, so, dear readers, let me say goodbye to you and see you soon in this place 🙂

First post: welcome to my brand new travel blog

Riccardo Mazzolo aka Solo Around

Welcome to SoloAround travel blog’s first post.

First of all, thank you very much for coming to my website. It’s a pleasure for me to welcome you in my virtual home.

If you are here you probably already know something about me; if not, let me introduce myself.

About the author

Riccardo Mazzolo AKA SoloAround
Riccardo Mazzolo AKA SoloAround

My name is Riccardo Mazzolo and I am 28 years old.
I’m an Italian guy that lives in the North East of Italy.
Talking about job titles, I am an IT expert and I’ve worked in this sector for almost 10 years.

I always loved tech stuff and web related things: my first own website was online when I was 10 🙂

Just after my high school I started working and I was very happy about that, because in that way I had the opportunity to save money for my travels. Since that time I’ve travelled often, making almost 40 trips in 8 years.

In May 2017 I had the opportunity to quit my job and since that day I’ve started to plan my lifetime dream: become a professional traveller.

In order to do this, I’ve put together this travel blog and after that I’ve designed my new goal as the first project in the editorial line: discover my Country on the wheels of my bicycle during a 40 days journey across 14 regions.

A brand new travel project

This travel plan is named BIT • Biking Italy Tour; it’s starting in September 2017 and it will make me ride my bike for 2400 kilometers.

BIT – Biking Italy Tour

In these days I’m working hard in order to get the website ready to host my articles with photos and videos from the Italian peninsula. But I’m hopefully training harder to get the right physical condition and ride safe without any kind of problem for the whole itinerary.

As I mentioned before, in my whole life I’ve travelled a lot, but I never thought about how tricky could be a one month planning for a trip that has to be published with a high level of content making. It’s really challenging over here and I never felt so good before.

So, I hope that this first post of my brand new travel blog was good for you.
Maybe it has even inspired you to

  • plan a new holiday
  • make a long bicycle ride
  • take a trip to Italy
  • or even start your own brand new travel blog

Life is a long journey but, hey, always take your time to do what makes you feel really alive!

Come back soon to read my stories 😉



P.S.: take a look to my About section to read my full story and visit the BIT project page