Interview at Radio Studio Nord

Interview at Radio Studio Nord

Hello to everybody around there! 🙂
Here is my second official trace in the World Wide Web and I’m quite excited about that.
I am still working to prepare my first documented trip, the Biking Italy Tour.
I need so much training in order to complete the trip without any big difficulty, but honestly it’s very fun.
The most beautiful thing of physical training is that you can choose to diversify your daily work with different activities. Now I’m doing on road cycling, off road cycling, running, swimming, stand up paddling, hiking and even soccer.

This last activity was the opportunity in these days to visit the beautiful Tolmezzo, for the charity event “Tolmezzo for life”.
It’s a soccer tournament with four teams, selecting Donors (mainly of blood and marrow), Policemen, Public administrators and Deejays. The purpose is collecting money for an association that helps children with diseases, called “Amici di Gianluca”.
This event is managed and boosted by my old time friend Cristian Comelli and its own radio show RadioAttiva on Radio Studio Nord station.

My first interview

I took the opportunity to visit my mate in his studio and he decided to interview me as a guest, asking me about this blog and the actual main project BIT.

We talked a lot about SoloAround and I had the opportunity to tell a lot of things about me; I even made a video with the full interview.

You can watch it right here (Italian language):


It was a very nice situation, and I thank so much Cris for this fantastic opportunity.

Here is the article (in Italian) made by Studio Nord news:

Now it’s 22 days to go for the Biking Italy Tour and I’m really on fire, I want to have everything in its right place for the start and I have some things to do, so, dear readers, let me say goodbye to you and see you soon in this place 🙂

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