SoloAround history: what about Riccardo Mazzolo

Hello everybody and welcome to, my own place 🙂

My name is Riccardo Mazzolo and I’m an Italian IT expert passionate about travels.

This is my personal travel blog, started in 2017, and is the place where I put my travel adventures.
The blog’s name is SoloAround.

Here I share my photos, videos and travel stories, hoping to entertain and inspire people who enjoy to see the World like I do.


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If you are interested in it, here below you can read the summarized story of my life.

You can understand better who I am, what are my passions and why I am here writing about my travels.

Enjoy 🙂


My early days

about-soloaround-riccardo-mazzolo-1I was born on 5th March 1989 in a small village located in the North East of Italy.

Because of this I am a proud Millennial, member of the Generation Y.

This is probably the reason why I made my first personal website in the winter of 1999, using the old school Tripod service.

Unfortunately I didn’t maintain anything from that HTML playground, but, believe me, those exercises were really nice.

I am also a proud Apple fan since those days: my first iMac is still in my bedroom.
It’s broken but its design is unbelievably still actual and really beautiful.

In that period my passion for travels were in its first stage.
I travelled a lot with my parents: we did most of our summer holidays in campings between Italy and Croatia.

I want to thank them here mentioning the amazing place were I started learning windsurfing while enjoying my beautiful roulotte: it was Santa Croce lake.

High school

about-soloaround-riccardo-mazzolo-2Information Technology was my first love, and it will be my last…

I attended a technical school with ICT address, the I.T. “J.F.Kennedy” based in Pordenone.

During those fantastic days I developed my true love for computers. [ Is it really so clear that I am quite nerd? 🙂 ]

I was a proud founder of a local web community called “Sprizzettari“; in those days we developed together our website with one of the first versions of Joomla.

This is the time of my life when my travel passion had a significant step forward.
The merit belongs to the English teacher of my class, who brought us to visit London in the spring of 2008.
That was my first time on an airplane and I was very enlightened from that. [ BTW it was an EasyJet flight 🙂 ]


My first job

about-soloaround-riccardo-mazzolo-3After High school, and after a short relationship with the University of Padua, I get my first IT job. It was the spring of 2009.

I loved my new IT job from the first day, it was highly satisfying and it made grow my skills and my experience really a lot.

The main purpose of the company was to serve the Country’s public sector.
I was in the Public Health division, working with web technologies to improve e-health services.
The company was, and is still, named “Insiel Mercato“.

While growing my career and skills I started to grow even my “traveller’s resume”.
From my first flight in 2008 until today (July 2017) I made almost 40 trips across the World.
Thanks to my earnings, I had the opportunity to visit more than 20 countries.


Traveller’s resume

about-soloaround-riccardo-mazzolo-4I am a London specialist: I’ve been there 10 times.
The second place is reserved to Amsterdam: they saw me around for 8 times.
Finally Canary Islands are at the third place: I went 6 times between Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Lanzarote.

These are the countries and the places I’ve been in the last 10 years, excluding Italy:

Spain• Barcelona
• Lloret de Mar
• Valencia
• Canary Islands
France• Paris
Germany• Frankfurt
• Berlin
Belgium• Brussels
Netherlands• Amsterdam
United Kingdom
• London
• Manchester
• Bath
Norway• Oslo
Czech Republic• Prague
Egypt• Dahab
Hungary• Budapest
• Siofok
Croatia• Umag
• Vrsar
• Rovinj
Slovenia• Lasko
• Koper
Cyprus• Latchi
• Ayia Napa
Malta• St. Julian's
Japan• Tokyo
• Kyoto
• Osaka
• Hiroshima
Iceland• Reykjavik
• Blonduos
Greece• Corfu
Slovakia• Bratislava
Bulgaria• Sofia
Serbia• Belgrade


The SoloAround travel blog is born


As I told before, IT is my real love, but in the last couple of years I begin to felt that my place had to be moved from my everyday office.
9 to 5 work is the most respectable form of living nowadays, but it’s not for everybody.
Same faces, same building, same surrounding, five days a week, with fixed salary.
Enjoyable for most people, but not for me.

In the spring of 2017 I had the opportunity to quit my job and start my own way.
This was the birth of I decided to put together my big love and my big passion and now I’m here.

Really I never made so many photos, videos or storytelling during my trips, but hey: there is always a first time 🙂


First travel project


I live in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the World.

I explored a lot the World considering that I’m still in my twenties, and I’ve noticed that I’ve visited much more other countries rather than mine.

Moreover, I’ve heard that Italy is in the very first positions in the special “Most dreamed Countries” chart, but thanks to the web people that dreamed so much an Italian trip often end up in changing destination.
This because internet gives us the opportunity to read, see and know things and facts about potential travel destinations that few people tells outside this circuit.

So I decided to start my brand new travel blog with an ambitious and even a bit nationalistic project: BIT, a 2400 kilometers bicycle trip across Italy.

My Biking Italy Tour has two main goals:

  • give special emotions to the reader, make him/her feel like a real travel companion in my solo trip
  • inspire people from all over the World to come and visit Italy




By the time I’m writing this, I’m working to set up technically the blog, to plan my whole journey and to train my body for the long bicycle trip.

I hope to have fun, make great experiences, see amazing places and let you share with me as well as I am able to my story.

And of course I am basically trying to leave my dream, so I hope also to inspire you to do the same in your life!

N.B.: as you can see from the photo I’m not sleeping the right amount of hours in these days, so for your convenience my eyes are covered 🙂


Thank you for reading and see you around!