SoloAround and Esibirsi are looking for songs

SoloAround-Esibirsi-40-brani and Esibirsi are actively collaborating for the production of BIT.

The Biking Italy Tour will create, for every tour date, a little videoclip with the summary of daily activities.

Music will be the junction between bicycle routes, point of interests of the destination, landscapes, sleeping places and places where eat.

Here take place the versatility of Cooperativa Esibirsi.


Esibirsi is a cooperative society with headquarters at Morsano al Tagliamento, in Friuli Venezia Giulia; they has more than 2500 members in whole Italy, and they are all artists!
This is a society that keeps together a lot of musicians, deejays, illusionists and presenters, giving so many services. Most of all, the important one is the administrative and bureaucratic management for the artist, optimizing costs for the members who can devote themselves to the artistic part by having at their disposal a professional, complete and punctual service.

With this big musical producer basin we decided, with Vice President Giuliano Biasin, to contact a big portion of members asking them to give us a song.

In this way the soundtrack of BIT will be realized, trying to associate territorially music productions with the territories crossed by the bicycle’s itinerary.

So this is a geolocalized territorial and musical promotion experiment and we hope that can be appreciate by the readers.

We also take advantage from this place in order to extend the invite to everyone that produces own songs: if you are on the BIT’s itinerary and you’ll like to join this digital editorial operation, contact me with the Contact form.

Have good music and see you soon 🙂

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