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Biking Italy Tour, Day 5: Turin - Fifth day of travelling for me yesterday, with first wake up in Turin city. I woke up early in the morning to go out and
Biking Italy Tour, Day 4: Turin - Yesterday was really a great day! I woke up in Alessandria with an enjoyable climate, a wonderful sun with a slight wind that waved out
Biking Italy Tour, Day 3: Alessandria - After two days discovering Genoa, perched regional capital of wonderful Liguria, yesterday finally was the right moment to move my legs. The target for the
Biking Italy Tour, Day 2: Genoa - Yesterday, Friday 1st September, I’ve added the second badge to the journey that will bring me from here till mid October across fourteen italian regions.
bikingitalytour-1-genova-soloaround Biking Italy Tour, Day 1: Genoa - The big day The big day is finally arrived: yesterday at Genoa Biking Italy Tour is started. I’m really excited, I could not wait to
soloaround-biking-italy-tour-zaino-2 BIT, Biking Italy Tour, is going to start - BIT, acronym of Biking Italy Tour, is going to start. I can’t wait for it, months of preparation are going to concretize. The bicycle is
Traveller’s resume: trips before the blog - If you’ve already read the page with some informations about me, you’ll probably know that travels are a part of my lifestyle since long time.
itinerario-bit Itinerary – BIT, Biking Italy Tour - Few days to the start of BIT but the itinerary is almost done. I suggest to whom doesn’t already red the Biking Italy Tour’s page
SoloAround-Esibirsi-40-brani SoloAround and Esibirsi are looking for songs - and Esibirsi are actively collaborating for the production of BIT. The Biking Italy Tour will create, for every tour date, a little videoclip with
Interview at Radio Studio Nord Interview at Radio Studio Nord - Hello to everybody around there! 🙂 Here is my second official trace in the World Wide Web and I’m quite excited about that. I am