Traveller’s resume: trips before the blog

If you’ve already read the page with some informations about me, you’ll probably know that travels are a part of my lifestyle since long time.

Since my youth my parents loved to bring me with them in the spare trips that my family have done in Italy and Europe.

Together we’ve done so much camping in Italy, near the sea and in the mountains, visiting sometimes even France, Greece and Croatia. Surely I’ve to thank them for my passion about travels.

In the last ten years, alone or with friends, I’ve done about 40 trips around the World.
Somebody of you could say that isn’t that much, but for me it’s a very good amount and I’m proud of it.

In this article I want to show chronologically, from 2008 until today, all my past trips.
It’s a sort of “Traveller’s resume”, as I wrote in this post’s title.
This is for helping me not to forget anything in the future, and even to share with you my experiences.

Unfortunately even if I’ve made a lot of vacations, trips, travels, excursions, I didn’t save a lot of analog or digital memories. There is no specific reason about that, but even this aspect made me thinking about creating this blog to fill my lack of informations.

One fun fact: as I told you I have a very little amount of material saved from my travels, but I’ve stored a lot of receipts from all over the World. It’s quite weird, I know, but it has to be a sort of beware of the money spent 🙂

Riccardo’s trips, 2008 -> 2017

This is me during a Via Ferrata on the Mount Coglians




  1. London, July/August

    First autonomous travel , with friends; I lived in Hammersmith for 36 days, even working as waiter in the famous Camden Town district. Here you can see the view from our flat located in 109 Hammersmith Grove.




  1. London, March

    I falled in love with the lifestyle of Britain’s capital and I come back in short time, only for a week, with my old friend Alberto Marzinotto, mainly to buy some vinyls. Now he’s a famous dj, but this is another story.


  3. Umag, June

    Four-days trip with some friends in a camping with bungalows in the north side of Croatia.


  5. Barcelona and London, August

    For the first time two destinations in a single travel, and first time too to the Catalonia capital in Spain. For this trip I haven’t photographic witnesses 🙁


  7. Bruxelles and Amsterdam, December

    First north-European adventure, and thanks to my first car rental with Hertz company, first credit card of my life 🙂 An itinerant journey from the capital of Belgium through L’Aia arriving in the end at the Venice of the north. Zero photographies too even here.




  1. London, January

    I started to feel too much nostalgia of my favourite capital, moreover Ryanair in that period proposed a lot of flights for a little money, so… why not come back 🙂


  3. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, February

    For the first time I put my feet into Canary Islands in this occasion, and it was immediately true love. In these places where winter don’t exists and the life seems to be always more quiet we should go more often.


  5. London, May

    Do I made you understand that going to London when I have spare time makes me happy? 🙂


  7. Amsterdam, July

    Another adventure in Amsterdam, this time with other friends of mine. Here below a photographic memory from the worst hotel in the World, the Hans Brinker


  9. Lloret De Mar and Barcelona and Tenerife, August

    Here we have three steps in an unique journey, for a typical young summer holiday in the name of binge drinking 🙂


  11. Frankfurt, November

    First travel dedicated to the music, more precisely to clubbing: in four we left Venice Treviso airport to reach the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt, specialized in techno music.
    Following an obscured but intense memory fro that night.




  1. London, January

    Fifth time in the grey London, always looking for KFC, in those times not in Italy anymore.


  3. Amsterdam, March

    Another step in the Venice of the North, very sweet place for me.


  5. London, May

    Very first experience in a trip organized exclusively to reach a music club. Having found some roundtrip flight tickets for less than 10 euros, we decided to depart on Saturday afternoon from home, have dinner in a londoner fast food, dance until the morning lights in the house club named Fabric and finally come back with the midday flight in order to be home again on Sunday afternoon. Easy, right? 🙂


  7. Budapest and Siofok, August

    First Hungarian adventure, thanks to some friends known in the sunny Bibione, that helped me to discover the wonders of the greatest Magyar city, Budapest, and the Hungarian capital of night and beach life, Siofok, over the Balaton lake.


  9. Amsterdam, September

    Despite a language for me not so much thrilling and a quite cold climate, the Dutch capital goes straight into my top 3 preferred destinations.


  11. Barcelona, October

    About a year after the first musical themed trip, in October 2011 is the turn of the festival Sensation White, dance event with the peculiarity of applying a rigid dress code: all dressed in white, none excluded. The result was very satisfying. The picture below is a bit dark and not in focus, but I guarantee we were beautiful 🙂


  13. London, November

    Intense and lucky year the 2011, I managed to go 3 times into the British capital. This time I went out with friends in the famous Hamleys in Regent Street, the biggest and oldest toy shop in the World.


  15. Fuerteventura, December

    New island in the archipelago of eternal spring.
    Nuova isola nell’arcipelago dell’eterna primavera. Enjoy a warm climate when it’s snowing in your city is one of the most powerful stress therapies.




  1. Malta, June

    New entry in the Mediterranean Sea’s destinations: the beautiful and touristic Malta. In the following photo an example of typical June’s sky in that zone 🙂


  3. Cyprus, August

    The 2012 was for me a year strong in exploration of Mediterranean islands: wonderful week with friends in Cyprus island, with fantastic excursions with a boat and a magnificent villa with pool. Driving in the left side of the road made us a bit disoriented but we felt like home in a short time.


  5. Munich, October

    Once in a lifetime everybody should visit Munich during Oktoberfest: the city, invaded by thousands of people having in common the passion for beer and wurstels, become a giant playground for adults and children.


  7. Amsterdam, November

    More than a year since my last visit in Holland, I had to recover 🙂




  1. Prague, February

    First time for the modern capital of Czech Republic, a cold trip that I almost missed (I was nearly to lose my ID before departure) but it went out very funny, living the best of Czech nightlife in this wonderful city.


  3. Barcelona, May

    In this new step in the Catalonia’s capital I had the pleasure of visiting the Picasso Museum, that I absolutely recommend to everybody that goes around those places.


  5. Lanzarote, September

    The definitive Canary Islands experience. The feeling of land over the Moon and live completely outside the World. Lanzarote is probably my favourite island in the archipelago. It absolutely deserves a visit for every passionate of sea and quiet places.

  6. lanzarote

  7. Bath, December

    Travelling to visit an expatriate friend I’ve crossed Italy to take a plane in Pisa and reach this British suburb really tidy and particular. Priceless the daily trip to Stonehenge, UNESCO World Heritage Site.




  1. Turin and Oslo, April

    One of my first solo travels, with the first step in the Piedmontese chief town guest of some friends, in order to reach the capital of the cold Norway. A unique country, able to give to the tourist really singular landscapes and emotions. In the photo a detail of the majestic Frogner Park.


  3. Rovinj, August

    Following the footsteps of my childhood in this summer I had the pleasure of making a camping week in Croatia, in the zone nearby a small village named Rovinj. Low frequented beaches, crystal water, delicious fish and cheap prices are the reasons that should convince everybody to go almost once in these places.


  5. London, November

    I can’t even understand how could be possible for me staying away from London for three long years.


  7. Dahab, November

    Fantastic journey in the name of sport with my father to practice some windsurf in the Sinai peninsula. A special mention is deserved by the Blue Lagoon bay, spot where people makes daily excursions that gives them the opportunity to taste the everyday life of beduins.




  1. Lanzarote and Amsterdam, May

    In this period I started to become quite expert with solo adventures, and passing from the quite summer heat of Canary Islands to the spring warmth of Netherlands within two weeks was an unusual experience.


  3. Tokyo and Hiroshima and Kyoto and Osaka, August

    My first intercontinental travel.
    A unique and unrepeatable experience, starting with the charm of the enormous plane used for this kind of long distances. Living two weeks in the other side of the World was amazing, diving into customs and traditions completely different from the Westerns ones was really wonderful and I was extremely fascinated about the stateliness and the particularity of the Nipponic country.


  5. Amsterdam, December

    New step in Holland. Even this capital is included in the Top 3 chart of favourite destinations.


  7. London, December

    Just to close the year at the best 🙂




  1. Corfu, May

    Thanks to an interesting Ryanair promotion I’ve added a distinctive to my Mediterranean Islands experiences. Corfu, instead of Malta or Cyprus, is a really quiet island, characterized by a thick vegetation and a families and couples type of tourism.


  3. Amsterdam, July

    This time I’ve managed to sleep again in a botel, typical accommodation that gives the opportunity of sleeping inside a big boat berthed in the capital’s Port city. Very recommended experience.


  5. Sofia and Berlin and Bratislava and Paris and Tenerife, September

    This is absolutely the craziest trip I’ve ever made.
    Five countries, four capitals, very different climates, everything in three weeks.
    It was even the most challenging travel within my experiences, with booking and transportations I had really a big amount of work to do in order to reach the next step time by time.
    But it was really magnificent to see the beauties of these so much different countries in a small time: I have learnt in a significant way the peculiarity and the differences of everyone. For this travel my personal most-beautiful-city prize goes to Berlin.




  1. Reykjavik, January

    Incredible life experience the one that bring me to visit for a week the remote Iceland in January. An island really out of the World, in my opinion imaginable like a Lanzarote transposed in a really cold place. Lunar and really cold landscapes, with a very low population density that makes you drive into the long road streets (really not that much) seeing few cars around in hours. With this peculiarity the beautifulness of some incredible landscapes is even more emphasized. The unique negative fact, in my opinion, is a quite high cost of almost everything.


  3. London, March

    Touch and go in the United Kingdom to celebrate my birthday and my tenth time in the city.


  5. Belgrade, June

    I used this travel for professional purposes, using this city as a ‘buen retiro’ to start works and studies that made me open this blog. At the same time I’ve also discovered beauties and typical dishes of this balkan city that is very cheap and hasn’t to envy any other famous capital in Europe.

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